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EERC International

The Emirates Entertainment Racing Club (EERC) was founded in 2006. The syndicate has primarily been involved with racing in the UAE and on a smaller scale, the UK.


We have also raced partnership horses in Bahrain, South Africa, Australia and the USA, but our main area of interest to date has been Dubai.


During the years, we have enjoyed some amazing race days with success both on the track and with hospitality. We have established great contacts and made some very good friends involved in racing throughout the world.


Each country offers something unique and a different reason for racing there. In some countries, the prize money is fabulous and the right horse will always show a profit. In other jurisdictions, a good standard horse has the chance of being sold for a phenomenal price.


Other locations offer lovely places to visit and to experience the country whilst cheering on your horses.


It is now time for EERC to expand and become an international brand. We will be teaming up with many of our contacts across the globe to take stakes in horses.


We will own some horses outright and will join forces with various partners, as we have already done successfully with Fawzi Nass in Dubai for instance, to purchase horses in partnership.


Moving forward, we will offer our racing partners the option of joining us on the journey with any future horses. We are changing our brand name to EERC International and we have lots of new elements to add to this venture.


We have been hosting hospitality packages at Meydan in Dubai and we now plan to take this to other countries. We will increase our profile and will offer owners who may not be able to commit to large shares of horses the opportunity to own a micro share of one or even a group of horses whilst still experiencing the full excitement of ownership.


Could this be the perfect Christmas or Birthday Present?


We plan to gift shares of some horses which removes the risk of the initial purchase and we will also offer some horses on the basis of a one-off fee so that partners are fully aware of the cost and length of ownership.


We will keep the four tiers of partnership available in line with the silks; Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels.


This will enable anyone, no matter what their budget is, the opportunity to be a racehorse owner and the chance to own horses all over the world.


With regular newsletters for racing partners, stable tours, competitions and much much more, there is plenty to look forward to.


Come and join the syndicate and own horses internationally with the team that has already celebrated 87 winners and counting.


See you at the races…

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