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My experiences with EERC have been special because the team running the syndicate have managed to pull together all that is good in racing and life. We have partnered with really nice people who like us are there to maximise the spare time they have after their busy days. We have experienced some great highs and celebrated better than anyone could imagine. We have worked with the best trainers and jockeys and won races with horses that have exceeded our expectations. We have dined in style every week in luxury boxes and always believe that next year will throw up another champion for us. Yes EERC can make your dreams come true.   

John Ferguson -1464.jpg

John Ferguson (Australia)

I have been a racing fan for as long as I can remember, attending different meetings in the UK and UAE and have toyed with the idea of racehorse ownership for many years. A chance conversation in 2016 introduced me to Justin (The Mayor) and following on from a phone call and a couple of emails, where he gave me a detailed insight into the syndicate, I purchased a small percentage in one of the EERC horses, More to Come out of Sea the Stars. The experience I have had to date with EERC has been fantastic and I have ended up with shares in numerous horses and had some great experiences, with wins at both Meydan and Jebal Ali in Dubai. Not only that, the social aspect of being involved with EERC has been brilliant with some memorable nights in the EERC box at Meydan having a laugh (and some tears) and making new friends along the way. I recommend EERC to anyone, whether it's to get involved with racing, the chance of ownership of a horse, or just to sample the cheese (and grape) in the box at Meydan!!!

Paul Sumner-6158.jpg

Paul Sumner (UAE)

In December of 2009 an article in 7 days newspaper caught my eye, Become a racehorse owner! That was my Christmas present sorted, a small share in my first racehorse. Over the  11 years I’ve had many shares in many horses, members of the syndicate have come and gone but Justin and Rebecca have remained  the same. Justin always enthusiastic about all the horses and Rebecca knowing all the members and the horses they are part of. The syndicate is a racing club, we support all the horses, every win is a win for the club and we all celebrate. Every member is treated the same and we all get our chance to collect a trophy. Some seasons are better than others but the fun of taking part is the same. Justin’s choice of horses are always ones he thinks we will have fun with and I think he has done pretty good so far! Once the horses have finished racing they always find a good loving home for them, which is our way to thank them for giving us so much fun.

Debbie Armaly-1488.jpg

Debbie Armaly (UAE)

Joining EERC has changed my life from being an enthusiastic punter to owning a part of a horse you can only dream about and having 2 horses running World Cup night standing right by the ruler of Dubai chatting to your jockey is surreal, the Syndicate is run so professionally. Justin and Rebecca are passionate about their racing and the horses they choose have won some big races on Dubai including Los Barbados who was a star for us and ended up not costing anything as his winnings took care of all the fees for all of my horses so joining EERC syndicate is highly recommended and great fun. 

Gary Allsopp-4757.jpg

Gary Allsopp (UK)

EERC gave us great fun, great friends, wonderful memories, and an opportunity to enjoy horse racing as only Dubai can offer. But what makes it so unique is you actually are an intimate part of it all because you are watching, engaging with and cheering your own horses. You are engaged both up front, behind the scenes, and in the winning enclosure. Pure magic and a hoarse (!) throat guaranteed.

Paul Hayward Smith (Spain)

Paul & Jane Hayward Smith -2190.jpg

I have known Justin and Rebecca for 20 years and am delighted to have been associated with their Racing Club since its inception. I have enjoyed every aspect of my involvement with them and now they (and Brooke their daughter of course) have become valued family friends. The efforts they make to communicate frequently and informatively with all Club Members and the various syndicates are second to none. They go out of their way to create a friendly environment whether face to face or remotely so that every member (whether total novices to racing or established owners and breeders in their own right) receive a ‘near bespoke’ service.


Their record as successful owners on different continents speaks for itself. The results alone though don’t convey the important fact that the Racing Club is managed with honesty, openness and integrity. They don’t have three versions of the truth dependant on various circumstances! They don’t hide from the difficult downside task of informing Club Members that a horse is injured, unwell or is disappointing in training. They do though openly share their plans, hopes and expectations and offer an honest assessment of a horse’s chances each time it runs. Each year they make realistic assessments of all horses, give solid opinions, advice and a recommendation and then allow each involved syndicated member to have a pro rata say whether to continue to keep the horse or cut losses/take profits as appropriate.


In short I can, without caveat, recommend the Racing Club. You may not make a fortune but you should certainly gain ‘value for money’ enjoyment and involvement within the Sport of Kings!

John Ford -.jpg

John Ford (UK)

We first joined the syndicate with Justin and Becky in 2015 with the gorgeous Active Spirit. Right from the start, they have always taken care of us making us feel like one of the family and explained what we didn’t know about horses or the races. They definitely know how to throw a party and we’ve had some fantastic evenings at Meydan (Justin’s responsible for many lost nights!!). But the best part is how much they genuinely love and care for the horses - not just while they are part of the syndicate but also when it comes to retiring them or re-homing them ♥ 

Jack Ward and Kamini

Jack Ward and Kamini Pillai (UAE)

I have been a long time Member of the EERC syndicate, and am very proud to have been part of, and been able to see the growth and success which has been deserved through the work of truly dedicated people. From small beginnings the syndicate silks are now recognised and respected throughout racing circles. It has been an exciting, happy and rewarding experience and I am looking forward to be able to celebrate the centenary of wins.

Peter Gaskin-1437.jpg

Peter Gaskin (Wales)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the Emirates Entertainment Racing Club. I joined the EERC team in 2011, leasing some shares in a fabulous little handicapper named Clasp. Rebecca and Justin went out of their way to make me feel welcome and shared the experience of racehorse ownership in a way that far exceeded my expectations. The racing club gave me the opportunity to get involved in horse racing in the UAE and along the way I have made some great friends and enjoyed some fabulous days (and some late nights). Over the years we enjoyed some great successes and have been less fortunate with others but in all cases the well-being of the horses is paramount and the honesty and transparency provided by EERC has been exemplary. Fun, honest and successful with a focus on horse welfare – what more could you ask for in a racing club.

Cathal Hayes-9803.jpg

Cathal Hayes (UAE)

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