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Our aim is to offer share options to suit all budgets.


If you would like to own 20% of a horse, no problem. 

If you would like to take a small percentage in a few horses to spread your interest, we can help you.

Fancy leasing a horse with a set monthly fee? We offer lease shares.

Want a yearly deal? Why not!

Do micro shares interest you? Great, which countries would you like your horses to be stabled in?


We want to help you get the most for your budget. Check out our share options below.


Micro shares are just that; a small percentage of a horse. Anything from 1/2000th to 1/3000th of a horse for a one-off fee. You become an owner of that share. Why stop at one? You could own a micro share in a number of horses and in a number of countries starting with the UAE and the UK with more to follow. You could build your very own International stable.


For more information about micro shares, please click HERE.


We offer full ownership shares in every horse we buy starting at 1%. You can decide how many shares you wish to purchase. When you own a full ownership share we charge a monthly fee per 1% which covers costs so you can work out your budget.


For more information about full ownership shares, please click HERE.


These are packages based on a yearly lease deal with an option to renew whilst the horse is still in training with the EERC International team. You will either have a monthly fee or seasonal fee that includes ALL costs.


For more information about lease shares, please click HERE.

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