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Micro shares are not a new concept to either racing or the EERC. The lease options we offered during our first few seasons were micro shares.


In racing, micro shares are becoming more popular and are an affordable way of being involved in racing.


This season we are releasing micro shares in the five horses at Champion Trainer Doug Watson's Yard in the UAE.


As our racing partner, we will keep you updated on your horse and all of our equine team via newsletters, WhatsApp and emails.


You will be able to visit your horses at the stables and have the opportunity to visit some of the great racing stables around the world.


For only £50 for the season, there will be no extra costs during the contract period. As a thank you for your support, renewing your share for the following season is even cheaper.


The five horses based in the UAE cost £50 each per share or £225 for a share in all five.

There are 250 micro shares available in each horse which equates to 10% of the horse.

Micro shares are available in the following UAE Horses :​

  • Dangerous Thought, a winner last season

  • Rougher, awarded a race last season

  • Grand Argentier, a carnival winner for the syndicate

  • Right Flank, a multiple winner recently gelded

  • Quiet Endeavour, has collected four wins in a row 

​Benefits of owning a Micro share with EERC International


You will receive :

  • An ownership certificate for your horse

  • A digital photo of your horse

  • A contract for your share 

  • Regular updates regarding your horse

  • Your share of the prize money won by your horse

  • A dedicated WhatsApp contact keeping you updated about your horse

  • Organized Stable tours to visit your horse

  • Discounted hospitality tickets for EERC International race days

  • A chance to watch your horse run from the owners and trainers area

  • Invitations to special events and much much more when you become part of the EERC International family


For full details of our equine team, please go to our Horses page HERE.


To reserve shares or for further information, please email

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